1. Unscrew (counterclockwise) the chrome bushing from the top of the shower head.

2. Continue disassembling the top part of the shower head, so you end up with the following parts, separated from the shower head:

– chrome bushing

– washer with net

– flow restrictor (if you are using it)

– ball joint part

– white plastic ring

– black rubber ring

3. Put back the black rubber ring

4. Place the white plastic ring back over the ball joint part, with the flat part of the white ring towards the ball.

5. Place the ball joint over the black ring.

6. Screw back (clockwise) the chrome bushing to the top of the shower head. Make sure it is screwed back on fairly tight (hand tighten only).

7. If you will be using the flow restrictor, now is the time to place it inside the shower head inlet, flat side up.

8. Place the washer with net inside the shower head inlet.

9. Thread the shower head back on to the shower arm (hand tighten only).